Meet The Man Who’s Whispered In The
Ears Of More Than 100 Leading UK Tipster Services Over The Past Two Decades

Dave O'Sullivan
Is The Brains Behind The Bets

Today you'll find out how, with the help of ONE MAN, you can turn your small stakes into a small FORTUNE from betting.

Hi, I’m Dave O'Sullivan and before we go any further, let me show you what I have made in the last year in betting profits alone;

Every month I make a minimum of £7,500 from betting.
That's more than £90,000 each year!

And now it’s your turn…

With thousands of pounds flooding your bank account each month, your life will be turned upside-down.

The worries of work, bills and debt will quickly become a thing of the past.

You’ll take back control of your life and spend your time doing the things YOU want to do – Like travelling, shopping, and spending time with your family.

You’ll answer to no one but YOU. From today, YOU are your own boss.

Everything you’ve ever wanted will be yours – A nice car, a bigger house, a happier life…

And earning your fortune couldn’t be easier!
Because I do all of the hard work for you.

In fact, earning thousands of pounds weekly is as easy as placing a few bets online each morning.

You don’t need a degree in analytics or any prior betting experience. All you need is my advice and 10 minutes on your computer or smartphone each morning.

I’ve been advising top UK tipster services for more than 20 years. Now I’m advising you…

Every morning I’ll send you a list of my race selections for that day. Then, all you need to do is place your bets and collect your winnings!

It really is that simple.

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With my help you’ll make more than £1,500 THIS WEEK!

Over the many years that I’ve been betting professionally, I’ve banked more than £1 MILLION from horse racing.

That money CHANGED MY LIFE. Now I want to change your life, too…

I know what it’s like to come from nothing.

I left school at the age of 16 with next-to-no qualifications. After months of seeking work, I finally landed a job at my local Ladbrokes. At first, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic, but after just a few weeks I’d discovered my passion. I was fascinated by horse racing and betting. I wanted to know all that there was to know about the industry.

Then, my passion took me further…

After 12 months at Ladbrokes, I left to work at Epsom Downs Race Course so I could learn more about horse racing.

There I was introduced to jockeys and trainers and given a real insight into the horse racing business. Each day I took in as much as possible and I was sure to shake as many high profile hands as possible.

It wasn’t long before I decided to put my contacts and resources to use. After about 3 months at Epsom, I began placing bets each morning before work. Soon I was making £4,000 on a weekly basis in betting profits!

Eventually I was making so much money that I no longer needed to work and so I quit my job and started betting full time.

Of course, I’d retained all of my insider secrets and was sure to maintain good relationships with leading UK racecourse figures. Then, with my specialist knowledge and insider info I was quickly making £7,500 every single week from horse racing!

After several years of betting success, I decided to expand my horizons by reaching out to leading UK tipster services.

Over the years I advised more the 100 professional tipster businesses and in doing so I more than tripled my fortune!
Now I’m opening my doors to YOU.

I’ve been helping rich companies to get even richer for long enough. Now I want to give customers direct access to the exact same selections that I send to leading tipsters each morning.

With my tips, there is no reason why you can’t make more than your yearly salary in the next few months!


Jonathan Barker   Warren Gibson   Mary Walters
Communications Manager for a Top Ten UK Tipster Service   Professional Punter  

Novice Punter

“Mr. O'Sullivan has been providing selections for our company for almost seven years and in that time we’ve never had a losing month. Mr. O'Sullivan has to be Britain’s best horse racing insider!”


“I’ve been betting with Dave’s tips for more than two years now and it’s been nothing short of a life changing experience. I’ve banked more than £200,000 of betting profits thanks to Mr. O'Sullivan’s expertise. The man is a genius!”


“At first I was worried that I’d be getting in over my head working with the famed Mr. Dave O'Sullivan, but his service is surprisingly beginner-friendly. I’ve been placing just a few bets each morning and in the past 3 weeks I’ve made £5,723.77. I’m ecstatic!! Thanks Dave!! Xx”

And since I’m not in this for the money,
I’m letting you subscribe to my daily selections for just £29.99

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I charge professional tipster services several thousand pounds each week for my tips!

But I won’t be charging you a weekly fee. I won’t even be charging you a monthly fee or even a yearly fee! All you need to pay is just £29.99 today and you’ll receive my daily tips indefinitely! NO RECURRING BILLING.

60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And if that offer wasn’t impressive enough – All new members can sign up today with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you’re not happy with my service two months from today, I’ll refund 100% of your sign up fee.

This is a Risk Free Offer!

But of course there’s always a catch…

Get INSIDE Bets Access
For Only £29.99

I’m contractually bound to the tipster services I work with to share my daily selections with no more than 60 of my “family and friends” each year.

Currently I only share my tips with 15 friends and family members – which leaves 45 spaces for new members today.
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All the best,

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